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Changsha, great science and technology limited company
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  Changsha Sparten Science & Technology Co.,Ltd.is located in Changsha, the capital of Hunan province,which is Great man Mao Zedong's hometown and the cradle and center of Huxiang culture which is the most influential in modern China. Specific address is NO.17,Kaiyuan Road of National Economic&Technical Development Area, where is 15kms away from Huanghua International Airport,situated at the intersection of Chang-Yong Highway and Jing-Zhu Highway. The geographical location is extremely advantageous.
  Changsha Sparten Science & Technology Co.,Ltd.is a hith-technology enterprise which has been built according to modern enterprise system,link up exploiting,designing,manufacture,installing as a integration.Our company has been dedicate to innovation,adopt the world’s most advanced technology,technics and materials in designing and manufacturing environmental protection industry(such as waste incineration,sewage treatment,waste gas treatment), environmental protection equipments,mechanical equipments,coating equipments,mould and welding equipments.We have had won good reputation and acquired striking achievement.
  We are rich in research and development capacity and have 2 professors,5 senior engineers.We have built tight cooperation relationship with Chinese Academy of Science Development,Hunan University,the 8th Design Institute of Machinery Industry,Machinery Design Institute of Hunan Province and so on,which provide talents and technique for company’s long-term development.
  With the development of our company,we had built an subsidiary in Vietnam__Xinfutai Crafts and Trade Co., Ltd. to expanding the market and business in Vietnam. This have also promoted competitiveness in international market.
  With Huxiang culture as spiritual pillar,Changsha Sparten Science & Technology Co.,Ltd. would like to serve for all domestic and international friends.

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