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A+B Continuous Pyrolysis Gasifier


Product features:
  Object: various loose industrial waste, medical waste. The capacity :5 -30 tons of medical waste per day.
  1. Wastes carry out pyrolysis, gasification and combustion under underoxidized condition,have a small amount of dust, greatly reduce the load on cleaning the tail gas.
  2. Complete the high-temperature oxidation in the high temperature combustion chamber (the second combustion chamber), do not cause secondary pollution of harmful gases. Avoid to produce dioxin.
  3. With mature technology of gas furnace,use needle to analyze the thickness of ash to determine  the deslagging time.Use rotary ash tray as the grate, while unload and break slag, avoid caking the wastes caused by the incomplete incineration.
  4. While waste heating value is more than 2,800 kcal, it is needless to add extra fuel to incinerator, because the temperature of secondary Centre is up to 1150 °.
  5. The discharged gas can reach the flue gas emission standards,due to the thermal decomposition in the incineration process and precise control at different stages.
  6. Use sealing technology. When blowout furnace within a short time (within 24 hours),sealing technology can be adopted to ensure that the fire in the stove is burning. Do not need to fire when you run the furnace in the next time. So there are significant savings in fuel consumption, the furnace can continuously feed and deslag.
  7. It can be continuously fed and slag discharged.

Brief of process:
  The principle is pyrolysis gasification:wastes carry out the oxygen pyrolysis, gasification in static control gas furnace,and produce smokes containing combustible components such as CO, CH4,which enter the secondary combustion chamber and burn with the secondary buring air . The temperature of air in the export of the secondary combustion chamber is up to 1100 °c. The discharged gas will meet national emission standards by gas treatment plant .

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