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Introduction to Technology of Grate Furnace


  With the development of the city, the capacity of household waste treatment can not meet the needs of current waste disposal.The way of waste treatment is landfill, which not only consume a large amount of land, but also cause serious pollution to the surrounding soil, water and atmosphere and do not meet the requirements of environmental protection. Accompanied by urban development and improvement of the economy, advance in the people's living standards, calorific value of municipal solid waste is gradually higher. Low heating value of municipal waste has reached more than 5000kJ/kg, fully equipped with the incineration conditions. The waste incineration can achieve "harmless chemicals, reduction, resource recovery". Our company can contract to build incineration power generation and biomass energy generation, straw power generation, sludge generation projects and so on. Use advanced process of Grate furnace and circulating fluidized bed technology with small occupation area and low operation cost, and change waste to treasure.

Product features:
  1. Household waste incinerator that our company contract to build is backstepping mechanical grate furnace, which is modified product from German Martin grate incinerator. Because Martin grate incinerator specially adapts to the high water content, net calorific value of the waste, and have large capacity without sorting, high degree of automation, it has very high market share in Asia. Singapore built the largest waste incineration plant (6x720t/d) in the world by using the technology of Martin grate in 2000.
  2. Our grate furnaces burn automatically, simply help to combust by fuel injection when open or blowout the furnace. Hot action reduced rate is about 80-90%, using negative pressure in furnace, the entire work area have no peculiar smell. Environmental emissions meet the international standards.
  3. The capacity of backstepping mechanical grate furnace is more than 150 tons in a day, and can achieve national first-class standard.
  4.The treatment cost per ton of waste is about RMB60.00, and at the same time large amounts of heat energy can be reclaimed , and be used for supplying steam or power generation.
  5. After processing, slag can be used as raw material of the brick. The subject of incinerator has 25 years’ service life.
  6. It is preferred technology of waste incineration at the present time.

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