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Industrial waste water

Process description:
  The waste water falls out through a pipe along way into wastewater equalization pond.Then it can be lifted by waste water pump into flocculation pool, which can remove the COD, SS,heavy metal,phosphorus of the waste water. After coming into flotation machine,which can remove the resin,LAS,SS and other pollutant,it comes into Anaerobic pond,which can enhance the biodegradability of the waste water by hydrolysis. Then it comes into Aerobic pool,which can enable waste water oxidation and decomposition by aerobic bacteria. The sedimentation tank discharge the water which can meet the emission standard or reuse.

  1. Applies to water reuse project an the organic wastewater treatment in chemicals, pharmaceuticals and pharmaceutical intermediates, dyes and dye intermediates, pesticide, paper, electroplating, printing and dyeing, heavy metals, wash hair, alcohol industry, which have the high concentrations, high salinity and high color, non-biodegradable.
  2. Covers an small area, with high degree of integration.
  3. Low running costs, and good economic returns. Treated water can reuse or disposal.
  4. Capacity: 30 -2000 cubic meters/day.

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